Meet Rodney Young, Our New Business Development Director. (He Might Look Familiar.)

Posted by Residential Capital Partners on Jun 4, 2020 1:45:17 PM


As a relationship-oriented private lender, Residential Capital Partners takes pride in who we hire. Our criteria are simple, yet stringent: personal experience in real estate investing and a proven track record of treating investors like partners — as opposed to a transaction. Which is why we’re especially excited to welcome Rodney Young, a former HomeVestors loan development manager — and very familiar face — to our team.

I built remarkable relationships at HomeVestors. Now, I’m humbled to work with the same investors at Residential Capital Partners.” Rodney Young


What Rodney Young Brings to Residential Capital Partners

Rodney started his career at HomeVestors in 2015 as a regional business development manager. His career at HomeVestors began during an explosive period of growth for the company. During his tenure at HomeVestors, the network of franchisees grew from 500 to over 1,100 franchisees. As a business development manager, Rodney established ongoing relationships with many HomeVestor franchisees. After a couple of years, Rodney began serving as a loan development manager for HomeVestors, as the company worked to secure financing sources for its franchisees. During this period, Rodney trained franchisees on the many facets of private lending and connected them with trustworthy private lenders. Residential Capital Partners was one of his preferred lenders.

Rodney says, “Residential Capital Partners understands the HomeVestor franchisee. They understand the system. They created their lending guidelines based on the HomeVestors model. And it works! When I was loan development manager, I had the opportunity to work with the nation’s leading private lenders, and Residential Capital Partners was always at the top of my list.”

“Anybody can lend money, but to be the best you have to go the extra mile, which requires communication, understanding and a partnership paradigm – that’s ResCap.”


He’s Flipped Properties, Too

Rodney made for a sharp and empathetic loan officer because of his experience on the “other side of the table”, so-to-speak. As he says, “I’ve been a flipper, I’ve rehabbed, I’ve done rentals. So I understand what franchisees are experiencing and can truly see it from their perspective. Anybody can lend money, but to be the best you have to go the extra mile, which requires communication, understanding, and a partnership paradigm – that’s ResCap.”


Rodney’s Advice for Investing in Real Estate During COVID-19

Rodney encourages investors to invest in their own education and says he’s gotten a lot from the Private Lenders podcast with Keith Baker. His sage wisdom for investing in these ‘unprecedented times’: “You can’t try to search for the bottom of the market, but buy as deep as possible. Stay away from the big rehabs and just try to decrease your turn cycle and sell faster. The investors making money during this pandemic are the ones that keep moving, deal after deal.”

This refreshingly candid, practical advice is just a taste of what you can expect with Rodney Young as your relationship manager at Residential Capital Partners.

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